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While lavender is a flower on its own, the color itself is a gorgeous addition to the rainbow. It is soft, elegant, and perfect for sharing a soothing effect to your loved ones. Lavender also compliments many shades and is very dynamic when combined with darker shades of violet and burgundy. Some may view it as synonymous with purple, but lavender carries its own meaning and symbolism on its own. Lavender is associated with youthful growth, especially in the springtime. This is typically, as that is when the lavender flowers are blooming. Many attribute lavenders with purity, tranquility, relaxation, devotion and healing. When used in flowers, the color is perfect for sharing messages of love and calmness. Flowing with beauty and texture, our FTD lavender flower bouquets are perfect to send for your most special occasions.

Lavender Bouquets from FTD

Our lavender shades come in many different blooms to send your loved ones. Perfect lavender roses share love and romance in an unexpected way. Sweet lavender daisies share your messages of peace and happiness in full bloom. Other lavender flower includes carnations, stock and hydrangea. We also offer FTD plants in the soft shade, so your lavender flower delivery is sure to bring smiles for long after the gift is sent to them. If flowers and plants aren’t their thing, we have an array of spa gift baskets that will have them unwinding in no time. The sweet shade is even featured in many of our sweet treats.

FTD is the Go-To Source for Lavender Flowers Online

FTD is your one-stop shop for everything lavender and luscious. We take careful steps to ensure your gifts of this cool color are delivered by hand to make their day. Our local FTD florists handcraft lavender flower arrangements to highlight the hues of this beautiful color. With so many different flowers in lavender to choose, sending just one will be the hard part. Sophisticated blooms and arrangements in this elevated color are a wonderful way to surprise your loved ones.