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Black Roses

The little black dress is a classic statement of timeless elegance, so why not choose black roses for your next rose bouquet or arrangement? Black roses are eye-catching in their stark color and uncommon occurrence. If you’re looking to make a singular statement or impression with your arrangement, black roses are one of the most exceptional choices you make.

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Black rose bouquet

Sending black rose bouquets are a distinctive way to make a statement for a variety of occasions. While black roses can be used to express sympathy on more somber occasions, black roses are not only recognized for somber occasions. Since the color black is infinite, black rose bouquets can also signify transition, the end of something bad, immortality or permanence. A black rose bouquet can be a memorable way to congratulate a loved one on a new job, milestone reached, hurdle overcome, or a memorable birth year. Black roses are a trendy way to create a non-traditional look with one of the world’s most traditional flowers. Pair black roses with lighter colored roses to create dramatic contrast. Incorporate bright colored flowers into your black rose bouquet to watch the colors pop! Whether you want your black rose bouquet to exude Gothic elegance, the artistic macabre, eternal love, or the conclusion of a phase, the black rose will do it with distinction.

Black dyed roses online

Black roses may not be truly black, but instead consist of very dark shades of maroon, purple, or red. However, if only the deepest hue of midnight will do, the true black color can be achieved by using floral dye to create black dyed roses. There’s no need to be afraid of black roses! Get ahead of the trend and explore our black rose bouquets online to find the design and color depth that suits your needs.

Black roses delivered

Once you’ve found your black rose bouquet showstopper, simply choose your delivery location and date. FTD carefully packages and delivers your bouquet so all you have to do is enjoy your fresh arrangement when it arrives. Your black rose delivery is sure to brighten anyone’s day!