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Purple Roses

Purple roses are one of the most beautiful and unique flowers available! With shades ranging from rosy pink-like hues to creamy and soft lavender, FTD’s selection of beautiful purple roses are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Browse our options for purple rose delivery as well as mixed bouquets, find the ideal blooms, and send them to your lucky recipient today!

Purple Rose FAQs
What do purple roses mean?

Purple roses are roses after all, so they can easily communicate a message of love, affection, and admiration. However, due to their unique purple pigmentation, they add certain additional meanings perhaps not conveyed by your standard red roses. These include:    
  • Whimsey, especially in the lighter rosier options
  • Royalty, in mixed bouquets containing darker hues
  • Relaxation, as lavender is known as one of the most relaxing and stress-relieving scents
    When professionally curated in a mixed bouquet, purple roses can have almost any meaning your heart desires!

What are the different types of purple roses?

  In addition to different colors, roses can come in a few different shapes and sizes. Purple roses can be a traditional bush, long-stemmed varieties, miniature tea roses, and even climbing vine-like roses!   At FTD, we offer two primary color varieties in our beautiful bouquet of purple roses  
  • Lighter, rosier options, which convey a playful and cheery vibe
  • Richer, lavender options for a regal and relaxing bouquet
    We also offer unique dyed rainbow rose bouquets and purple flower bouquets that include darker hues of amethyst purple. Be sure to check out the purple options of every flower variety we offer to find that perfect purple color you crave. Some of the other blooms that come in eye-catching purple include:  
  • Orchids, which are rare and beautiful, making for the perfectly regal purple flower
  • Lilies, whose long and luxurious petals make the purple shades even more powerful
  • Hydrangeas that come in fun and bubbly bunches to add a pop to any bouquet
    Purple rose bouquets and other mixed elegant flower arrangements are a great option if you want to send your love but are looking for an alternative to the classic crimson red rose!

Are purple roses natural?

  FTD’s purple roses are all-natural—well, except for our spectacularly dyed rainbow roses, of course! Natural purple roses are lighter in color, some of which are similar in shade to pink roses. And, with FTD, you can rest assured that your natural purple rose flower bouquet will arrive fresh, on time, and sure to please.