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Mother's Day Gifts & Flowers for Grandma

Mother’s Day gifts for grandma should be one of your top priorities this Mother’s Day. Grandmas do so much in our lives, from imparting wisdom to having tons of fun. Scroll through our delightful Mother’s Day gifts for grandmothers to find something that will make your grandma sing with joy. From stunning flowers to delicious gift baskets, FTD has what you need.  

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What kind of flowers do you get your Grandmother on Mother's Day?

On Mother’s Day, grandmas deserve only the most beautiful flowers. The exact flowers you choose depends on the message you want to send. Of course, you should always send a message of love and gratitude, but these are some amazing Mother’s Day flowers for grandma to consider as well:
  • Pink roses, which bring a playful and joyful element to a bouquet
  • Yellow roses, ideal for lighting up a room with a ray of sunshine
  • White daisies, gorgeous and folksy, making grandmas swoon with glee
  • Sunflowers, one of the happiest flowers around, and blooming just in time for Mother’s Day
If you want a creative option, try a Mother’s Day floral basket for grandma this mother’s day!

What are the most popular Mother’s Day gifts for grandma?

Grandmas love a wide variety of gifts, but some of the most memorable and common Mother’s Day gift ideas for grandma are flowers and chocolates. Nothing says, “I love you, grandma!” like a fresh flower delivery sent straight to grandma’s door. By taking the time and effort to get your grandma something special for Mother’s Day, she’ll know how much you care.   Looking for something to pair with your Mother’sDay gift ideas for grandma? Try some of our delicious gift baskets:
  • Savory charcuterie, deliciously salty and sure to please grandma
  • Sweet chocolates, which remind her of your sweetness
  •  Fruits and nuts, for grandmas with an eye on health
  • Fresh-baked cookies, just like grandma always makes you!

How to get flowers delivered same-day to grandma on Mother’s Day?

Delivering flowers same-day has never been easier than with FTD. Simply browse our wide selection of same-day delivery flowers, pick the best option you see, and wow your grandma with a delightful bouquet! Everything from gorgeous indoor plants to birthday flowers for grandma is made easier when you shop with FTD.