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Birthday Gifts FAQ

What makes the best birthday gift?

The best birthday gifts are the ones that the recipient will always remember. A gorgeous bouquet of birthday flowers, or a curated gift basket of delicious treats, baked goods, or dipped strawberries are all excellent options. A birthday delivery, especially if it’s a surprise, will warm the heart of whomever you send it to!

What flowers are the best to gift for a birthday?

The best flowers are the ones that match the person you’re shopping for.! If you’re sending a bouquet of birthday flowers for mom, try some vibrant and joyful gerbera daisies. If you’re picking out birthday flowers for your wife, roses are always a loving and romantic choice. Be sure you think carefully about that special person in your life to decide what the best birthday gifts for them might be.

Who should I send a birthday gift to?

Birthdays can be tricky. Your mom definitely gets a gift, but your aunt that you talk to twice a year? Harder to say. Sending birthday flowers for your friend or even a coworker you’re close to is also a great choice! Nobody’s ever been disappointed by receiving a gorgeous arrangement of happy birthday flowers. If you’re looking for a birthday gift and want to go big, consider pairing a bouquet with a gift basket for an extra heart-warming combination. Whoever you’re celebrating with, FTD makes it easy to wish someone a Happy Birthday!