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Easter Roses

Send an Easter rose to someone you love this spring. While roses aren’t typically used to celebrate this Christian holiday, their extreme versatility and adoration from around the world make them a great addition to any Easter bouquet. At FTD, you’ll find a variety of rose arrangements in vases that will make a lasting impression. Whether you want to surprise the Easter bunny or your little peeps, Easter roses will get the reaction you’re looking for.

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What do rose colors signify?

There are numerous roses for Easter you can choose from that come in different colors than the standard red. As you search for rose Easter flowers this spring, it’s important to know what each rose color signifies.
  • Red roses represent love, admiration, and romance, which is perfect for letting a special someone know how much you love them on this special holiday.
  • White roses symbolize purity and new beginnings, which is great for celebrating renewal and growth that springtime brings.
  • Green roses signify life, renewal, and energy, the same meanings that spring brings.
  • Yellow roses match the pastel theme of spring and represent joy, happiness, and friendship, making an excellent gift for friends and acquaintances.
  • Pink roses symbolize sweetness, affection, and elegance, and are a great way to say “thank you,” and remind others that you care for them.
While Easter roses hold many meanings depending on the color you choose, just the thought alone is a great way to show others you’re thinking about them. Browse all flowers and gifts for Easter for more stunning floral arrangements and bouquets that will make lasting memories!

What is the religious meaning connected with roses and Easter? 

Easter celebrates the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which occurred around 2,000 years ago. That being said, Easter is a religious holiday, and roses play an integral part. A red Easter rose represents the sacrifices Christ made for the forgiveness of our sins, while white Easter roses symbolize Christ’s purity and innocence.   There are many ways you can celebrate Easter, whether it be the beginning of spring and renewal of life or the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. No matter your beliefs, we have Easter plants for everyone that captures the beautiful meaning of this joyous holiday.

Are rainbow roses appropriate for Easter? 

Of course they are! Experience the joys of spring with these roses that are almost as colorful as your decorated eggs. Donning every color of the rainbow, these bright roses represent the renewal and growth that comes with spring. However, rainbow roses aren’t the only route to take when it comes time to celebrate this wonderful holiday. Browse the FTD Easter Collection, and you’ll find elegant Easter lilies, Easter gift baskets filled with decadent treats, and delightful Easter daisy arrangements.