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Easter Tulips

Easter tulips are one of the most popular flowers you can send for this springtime holiday. A tulip bouquet knows how to elegantly capture the beauty of springtime with their soft, yet vibrant colors. Whether you’re hosting Sunday brunch at your house or want to let someone near and dear to you know how much you care for them, you can’t go wrong with tulip Easter flowers.

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What does giving tulip flowers signify at Easter? 

When you send “Happy Easter” tulips, you send positivity and growth. Tulips endure a long and hard winter and emerge in the springtime once the frost thaws away. The growth, life, and youthfulness are what make tulips a popular choice for Easter flowers. Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. Giving tulip arrangements on this sacred holiday signifies the hardships and triumphs that Christ went through. No matter your beliefs and background, Easter tulips are excellent for bringing the sights and scents of spring into your home.

What do different colors of tulip flowers signify?

The tulip is one of the world’s most easily recognized flower, and for good reason! Not only is it timelessly beautiful, tulips convey many special meanings, such as love and hope. When sending Easter tulips to someone you care for, it’s important to know the meanings of each different color.
  • White tulips represent purity, innocence, and forgiveness
  • Pink tulips act as a symbol of caring and affection
  • Red tulips symbolize true love, romance, and desire
  • Yellow tulips convey happiness, love, and positivity
  • Purple tulips signify rebirth and royalty

What are some popular types of Easter flowers?

A tulip bouquet is one of the most popular types of Easter flowers you can send. However, tulip arrangements aren’t your only option when it comes to sending love, growth, and renewal this spring. Along with your Easter tulips, consider our Easter roses and Easter lilies! Easter roses represent the sacrifices Christ made for the forgiveness of our sins, while Easter lilies are said to grow where Jesus’ sweat and tears fell during his crucifixion. Other popular springtime flowers associated with Easter include daisies, hyacinths, hydrangeas, daffodils, and irises.   Order your Easter tulip bouquet today with easy online ordering and reliable delivery by FTD!