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Religious Flowers

Celebrate your spirituality with a radiant bouquet of religious flowers from FTD. We are proud to help you honor your faith, and provide a wide variety of flowers that will allow you to flourish spiritually, no matter your belief system. Browse our selection to find the perfect bouquet for your religious holiday, then send them to someone you love and share faith with!

Religious Flower FAQs
How are flowers used for religious and cultural events?

Flowers are a common decorative element at a variety of religious and cultural events. Whether it’s a First Communion bouquet, garlands at a Hindu wedding, or Passover flowers given as a gift, cultures all across the globe use flowers at cultural events.   Some flowers represent rebirth and new beginnings, making them ideal Christian flowers for holidays like Easter. Others represent beauty and commitment, and are used as wreaths at Muslim wedding ceremonies. Flowers have long been a significant part of human cultural and spiritual events, as they are a beautiful part of nature that people like to incorporate into significant times in their lives.

Do flowers have different significance between religions?

Each type of flower can mean something different depending on the religion. For instance, white roses represent the Virgin Mary in Catholic Christianity. Flower wreaths and garlands are common sights at Hindu and Muslim weddings, and are used to signify the beauty of the bond between the two soon-to-be spouses.   Funeral floral arrangements are also common among many cultures. At Christian funerals, white flowers of various kinds are a common sight. These blooms represent rebirth and peace, thoughts which attendees of the funeral would surely want to have on their minds. At traditional Chinese funerals, yellow chrysanthemums are often found. This flower is also important in other traditional Chinese cultural events and festivals, and has a long history of significance in Chinese culture.

Would religious flowers work well as an Easter gift?

Flowers are a perfect Easter gift! Flowers represent the blooming of new life, and the rebirth of the world in spring — themes that are central to the Christian celebration of Easter.   FTD’s stunning collection of spring flower arrangements will make the perfect gift to send to someone you love to celebrate Easter Sunday. These are some of our favorites for the holiday:
  • Yellow daisies, which are playful and fun
  • Sunflowers, whose large and elegant petals are reminiscent of the springtime sun
  • White, pink, and yellow roses, whose pastel hues are perfect for spring
  • Gorgeous lilies, which are never a bad choice for any important occasion
FTD makes religious flower delivery simple—from baptism flowers and christening flowers to wedding bouquets and funeral sprays. Order today for fast, reliable, and high-quality religious flower delivery with FTD.