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Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

Thanksgiving is the time to show gratitude for the people in your life who make it meaningful. The holiday offers us a time to reflect on what matters and be thankful for all of life’s many blessings.   One way to show your gratitude and love to those in your life is to have a gift basket delivered straight to their door! With plenty of gourmet sweets, treats, and meats to choose from, FTD makes it easy to show your love this fall with easy Thanksgiving basket delivery.

Do you give presents on thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to send a surprise gift and show a loved one how much you really care. While Christmas is the most commonly thought-of gift-giving holiday, there’s no reason that you can’t give thanks by sending a thoughtful fall gift basket on Thanksgiving too.   If you live far from loved ones and can’t make it to Thanksgiving dinner, sending a gift basket is a memorable way you can contribute to the festivities. And if you pair your basket with a fall bouquet to use as a centerpiece, they will think of you all throughout the feast!   We also offer corporate gift baskets, perfect for wishing your coworkers or boss a happy Thanksgiving while you’re back home for the holiday.

What gift do you give a hostess on Thanksgiving?

It’s often a good idea to bring a gift like a bottle of wine, a homemade dish, or a beautiful centerpiece as a thank-you when you’re invited to someone’s home for Thanksgiving dinner. However, we understand that with all the planning and logistics, it can sometimes be easy to forget this gesture.   FTD has you covered if a gift for your host or hostess slipped your mind. We offer plenty of Thanksgiving basket ideas for a delightful delivery, including Thanksgiving fruit baskets, and meat and cheese gift baskets to suit almost anybody’s tastes.   Of course, you can also send a Thanksgiving gift basket ahead of the holiday as a thank-you for an invitation! Autumn flowers or a basket of treats make the perfect delivery to wow your host or hostess prior to Thanksgiving dinner.

What are the best thoughtful gifts to give on Thanksgiving?

The best thoughtful gifts to give on Thanksgiving are food arrangements, with delicious sweets and savory treats, as well as stunning bouquets of fall flowers. Browse through our selection of thoughtful options to find the one best suited for your friend or loved one today!   And, for the coffee-lovers in your life, FTD offers craveable Starbucks gifts as a thoughtful way to supply your loved ones with the caffeine they’ll need to power through that Thanksgiving cooking!   FTD makes giving gifts easy, especially when you’re in a time crunch. Consider our same-day delivery options for those last-minute gift-giving needs, or order your loved ones bountiful Thanksgiving delivery gifts today!