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Valentine's Day Carnations

Your sweetheart's face will light up at a bouquet of lush Valentine's Day carnations delivered straight to their home or office this February. A heart-shaped arrangement of red carnations is the perfect Valentine's gift for a wife or girlfriend. Or accent a mixed bouquet of roses or lilies with carnations for a Valentine's bouquet they won't forget!

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Accent Romantic Valentine's Day Bouquets with Carnations

Carnations make for a luxurious Valentine's flower arrangement on their own, or as a base for a mixed bouquet. Try adding some red or pink carnations to an arrangement of roses, lilies, or tulips for some color and texture variation. Your significant other will love how the ruffled, round blooms of Valentine's carnations accent the elegant spiral of a dozen red roses. Or add a touch of spring color to a centerpiece the whole family can enjoy with some pink and white carnations!

What Color Carnations Should You Give for Valentine's Day?

Red Valentine's Day flowers usually signify love or passion, and carnations are no different. However, the shade of red you choose can change the meaning of the bouquet, so make sure to pick the right colors if you give carnations for Valentine's Day.   Having an arrangement of deep red carnations delivered for your Valentine expresses abiding love and affection. Lighter red carnations symbolize admiration, making them ideal for budding relationships. For expressions of appreciation for close friends or family, try a bouquet of pink carnations for Valentine's Day, as these signify gratitude and non-romantic feelings of thankfulness.

Find Valentine's Day Carnations Online

We have online carnations for Valentine's Day gifts of all types. Looking for a romantic gift for your girlfriend that will show her how you feel with a creative twist? Try a heart-shaped box of red carnations. We offer quick shipping straight to their door, so they can start enjoying your display of Valentine's affection in no time!