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Valentine's Day Pink Flowers

Looking for an alternative to a bundle of red roses this February 14? Try a lush bouquet of pink Valentine's flowers for a surprise that will remind the recipient how much they're loved. On Valentine's Day pink flowers can express admiration and gratitude for friends and family, making them a great alternative to the stronger passion and romance of red flowers. You can even order online and have pink flowers delivered the same day!

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Surprise Loved Ones on Valentine's Day with Pink Bouquets

Pink Valentine's Day flowers are a fresh and fun way to remind someone special that you care. Whether you mix them in with an arrangement of traditional red roses or opt for an all-pink Valentine's bouquet, the color will signal love and appreciation with a lighter hint of spring renewal.

What Do Pink Flowers for Valentine's Day Mean?

In general, pink flowers tend to symbolize happiness, gratitude, grace, and joy, but the specific meanings may differ depending on the flower. For Valentine's Day pink flowers are often given to friends or non-romantic acquaintances, but they can also be great flowers for a girlfriend or significant other in a new, budding relationship.   Pink roses often signify admiration and gratitude, especially the dark pink variety. Pink tulips, on the other hand, can be an elegant way to express happiness or confidence in a new relationship. Try mixing some tulips or roses with carnations in different shades of pink for a fun and refreshing Valentine's Day bouquet!

Find Pink Valentine's Day Flowers Online

We make it easy to order Valentine's Day flowers online and ship them directly to a loved one's home or office. They'll be surprised and delighted when they see a bouquet of pink Valentine's flowers delivered right to their door. Many of our mixed bouquets even come with their own decorative vase to help you celebrate!