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Valentine's Day Red Flowers

Few things say "I love you" like red flowers for Valentine's Day. A lush bouquet of red roses are the traditional Valentine's flowers, but there are other flowers that symbolize love and affection, such as red carnations or tulips. Whether you're looking to surprise a friend or a romantic partner, they'll be beaming with red Valentine's Day flowers delivered to their door.

Red Bouquets Say "I Love You" for Valentine's Day

Red roses are a classic way to say "happy Valentine's Day" with flowers. From a single long-stem rose or a heart-shaped bouquet, the lush layered petals and exquisite fragrance of roses make it easy to see why these are traditional love flowers. Looking for a fun twist on the classic Valentine's Day bouquet of red roses? Pair them with an assortment of pink flowers like roses or carnations!

What other Red Flowers Are Good for Valentine's Day?

Whether you're looking non-traditional Valentine's flowers or for something a little less romantic, there are other red flowers that also symbolize love and appreciation. Red tulips often convey feelings of love and romantic passion, and can make for an elegant accent to a mixed bouquet. Carnations can also be a refreshing and versatile choice for a Valentine's day flower arrangement since their meaning changes with their color. For a bouquet for a friend or family, light red carnations often symbolize many types of admiration, whereas the meaning of dark red carnations is aligned with traditionally romantic love and affection.

Order Red Flowers for Valentine's Day Online

At FTD we have countless assortments of red flowers for Valentine's Day online, all ready to be shipped straight to your loved one's door. Choose from red roses, tulips, carnations, and beautiful mixed bouquets today. We even have a selection of red Valentine's flowers for same-day delivery!