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Same Day Delivery for Valentine's Day

Are you the type of person who always waits until the last minute to shop for gifts, so you find yourself braving the crowds on Christmas Eve or dashing around like a madman on a special someone's birthday or even your anniversary? Looking for something that doesn't say "I picked this up in a hurry?" Your significant other may sometimes cut you some slack, but probably not on Valentine's Day.   FTD's same day delivery for Valentine's Day was made for you. If you wake up on February 14 and realize you haven't gotten anything for your beloved, there's no need to panic. We offer a wide range of floral delivery near you, from elegant long-stemmed red or pink roses to a variety of gorgeous mixed floral arrangements designed specifically for your Valentine. She'll never know this day devoted to love slipped your mind.   It really couldn't be easier for you to choose the flowers that will bring the biggest smile to her face. As you browse our same day delivery Valentine's Day options, you'll probably find many that she'd love to receive. Choose the one you prefer and order it online or via phone - and later that day your Valentine will be thrilled to get the delivery.   Who knows how many relationships have been saved by FTD's Valentine's same day delivery? We're happy to be of service. And, don't forget that your selection is guaranteed to last for at least seven days. All flowers have an expiration date, but here's hoping your last-minute romantic gesture ensures your relationship is ever-lasting.