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Valentine's Day Two Dozen Roses

When it comes to displays of affection for Valentine's Day, two dozen roses is one of the most stunning ways to show a significant other how much you care. Encapsulate your devotion and abiding love with a vivid arrangement of two dozen red or pink roses in full bloom. They'll be the envy of the office when you surprise them with 24 roses delivered on Valentine's Day.

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Express Your Devotion with Two Dozen Valentine's Roses

The most common Valentine's bouquet is one dozen roses, so an arrangement of two dozen red or pink roses is sure to impress. Our premium long-stem, fresh cut roses by the dozen are delivered in full bloom with a tasteful glass vase, so your significant other can start enjoying them right away. Mix 24 red and pink roses in varying shades for a fun surprise for a new sweetheart, or opt for two dozen red roses to show your Valentine the depth of your love and admiration.

What Does It Mean to Give Two Dozen Roses for Valentine's Day?

Roses have long been used to express a variety of romantic and non-romantic meanings, but did you know the number of roses in a bouquet can also convey different messages? Just as the color of the petals are significant, the number of stems, 24 roses, signifies the total devotion of the sender for all 24 hours of the day. For this reason, a bouquet of two dozen roses is associated with a deepening commitment and mutual devotion. Where a dozen red roses means "be mine," two dozen roses for Valentine's Day means "I'm yours."

Order Two Dozen Roses for Valentine's Day Online

See how they light up when you surprise that special someone with two dozen roses delivered for Valentine's Day. Whether you want to make a big romantic gesture to a new love or just want to show family you're grateful for them, Valentine's roses are sure to make an impression. Try pairing roses with one of our Valentine's Day gift baskets!