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Philodendron Plants

Philodendron plants are classic, elegant house plants that bring a little of the jungle indoors and enrichs the air quality of any space with their glossy, broad, green leaves.  A philodendron delivery is literally a breath of fresh air. Also known as green giants, FTD makes buying philodendrons online easy.

Philodendrons in a Hanging Basket or Pot

A favorite, decorative houseplant, philodendron plants come in two main varieties, climbing and upright.  As the name indicates, climbing philodendron plants ascend vertical surfaces nearby and can be trained with a pole or trellis. Or place it in a hanging basket to create a trailing plant as it drapes casually down and around the basket.  Whereas an upright philodendron grows upward, but at a much slower pace and hold its own weight.  Upright varieties have much larger leaves than the climbing philodendrons.

Philodendrons Delivered to Your Door

A philodendron delivery is perfect for anyone as they are easy-to-maintain house plants, perfect for a novice houseplant owner, while still delighting an expert as well.  In fact, they thrive in a snug pot, eliminating the need to repot for up to several years.  Philodendron plants thrive indoors all year round, quick to fill out and rank among the most desirable houseplants.

Philodendrons are Easy to Care for

Besides being easy to care for, philodendron plants brighten up a room or office. The large leaves of this houseplant make it decorative and if given the right space will grow and mature to the delight of any plant lover.  They illuminate any corner or look great on a desk or windowsill.  They simply transform any space to have a home-like feeling.

Online Philodendrons from FTD

When shopping for philodendrons online notice the different leaf shapes and choose carefully.  Leaf shapes include oval, pointed and heart-shaped, and each shape has its own beauty.  Additionally, leaves of philodendron plants can have deep incisions or even eye-catching veins.  

Philodendrons are a Great Way to Say Thank You!

Philodendron plants represent health and abundance.  A philodendron delivery is a perfect way to say get better or congratulations.    Artists, like Pablo Picasso, have been moved by these plants and employed them in their paintings.  

Philodendrons are Great Houseplants or Your Desk

This is not just any other pretty houseplant.  Philodendrons improve the surrounding air quality.  Through their aerial roots and broad leaves, philodendron plants act as an air filter, helping to remove pollutants from the air and releasing clean oxygen.  This is why they have been a favorite houseplant since Victorian times. FTD offers a wide variety of philodendrons online to choose from, ensuring the perfect plant for any recipient for a variety of occasions.