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Fall Gift Baskets

As the leaves start to change, the summer sun is replaced by an autumn chill, and the holidays approach, you may want to extend your thoughts to your friends and family. One way to remind them that you care is with a gift basket delivery. An autumn gift basket can be a memorable way to remind loved ones living far away that they’re on your mind. Whether it’s warm orange flowers or a delicious fall food basket, FTD has all your fall gift-giving needs covered.

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Fall Gift Basket FAQs

What do I give as a fall gift?

Fall gifts often play into autumnal themes, including decorative orange and red leaves, Halloween characters like skeletons, witches, and goblins, or turkeys to celebrate Thanksgiving. Fall is characterized by changing leaves, cooling temperatures, and back-to-school plans as well, so sending gifts related to these themes is always a hit.   If you’re considering fall gift basket ideas, FTD has a curated assortment of autumnal delights that will make the perfect fall gift for friends, family, and partners.

What do I put in an autumn gift basket?

Fall gift baskets typically include delicious treats, warm hues, and themed elements that bring out the best of the season. Adding in decorative elements like Jack-o-lanterns, turkeys, and autumnal leaves really adds festive fall flair to your thoughtful basket.   If you want to send someone a fall gift, you could choose a basket that includes delicious candies and sweets, festive Halloween goodies, fruit arrangements, or gourmet snacks like charcuterie and cheese.   If your fall basket is for a special someone in your life, including a fresh bouquet of fall flowers with your Mrs. Fields cookie delivery can really make a lasting impression.

What are reasons to send gift baskets in the fall?

People often send fall gift baskets simply to remind people in their life how important they are to them. The changing of the seasons reminds people of the passage of time, and so sending them a gift basket to show your lasting admiration and affection is always appreciated.   You can also send someone a fall gift basket if they are going away to school. If it’s someone’s first fall away from home, receiving a food bouquet to save them from those awful cafeteria lunches, or a spa gift basket to help them relax in their new environment, can be especially meaningful.   FTD makes gift basket delivery easy with our affordable shipping options and last-minute availability. Send someone you love a fall gift basket today!